Meet Colleen (another one)

Hello, Hello!  I’m Colleen…no, not Colleen Berkowitz, the “mother kindness curser” and founder of this blog.  No, not my bestie Colleen Stine (sorry to get your hopes up) co-founder with Berkowitz of the one and only Mama Said Tees!  I am yet another Colleen caught in this weird Irish name triangle, and I am here as an outlet to basically make you feel better about yourself 🙂  You know when you do something like realize an hour into a work meeting with the company President you have the biggest ketchup stain in the middle of your shirt? Or you go get a pedicure and realize you haven’t shaved your legs in a week?  And you think to yourself, “surely someone has done this before me and I’m not the first” I’m that person, I’ve done it all. I tell it like it is, no sugarcoating, no “I live a perfect life with my tall, dark and handsome husband who waits on me while my darling, polite children play peacefully together in our mansion by the ocean.”  Nope, you’ll get the real-life sometimes hellish stories that are my life in hopes that you might be able to relate, and not feel alone in this world because well that feeling absolutely sucks.

So what is my reality…I am a proud mom of 2.  I have an independent, sometimes sweet, often bossy 2 year old daughter, Annie, and a lovable 4 month old baby boy, Sam who loves to party all night long!  I love my kids more than anything in the world, but let’s be honest, there are (many) days I want to jump on a one-way plane to pretty much anywhere that’s not my house.  I am married to a sexy devil who my parents call “Saint Scott” because in their minds anyone who can live and deal with me every day should be considered a saint—thanks mom and dad.  But no, he really is a saint and I love him, but man can he piss me off!  However, he never complains about coming pretty much dead last on my priority list, and I wouldn’t want our crazy life together to be any other way.

Aside from being a mom of two and an absentee wife, I also work full time as a sports producer for a regional cable network.  I share an office with seven men and my days are spent trying to keep up my sports knowledge and stay relevant in baseball and hockey all while trying to explain why I have to go pump…again. I work in a man’s world and it can be painfully difficult, but it is also extremely rewarding. I love what I do and that one day I can share stories with my daughter about my career in a male-dominated profession (I swear I’m not a feminist), but there is also nothing harder than leaving my kids in the hands of someone else every single day…cue the mom guilt!!…why can’t guys EVER have dad guilt?! (I’ll save that for another day)

Many of my posts will be about the life as a working mom because well, that’s what I am.  While I am surrounded by working moms in both my professional and personal lives, sometimes it’s refreshing to know there’s someone out there going through the exact same thing you are…I’m an open book and I believe in honesty…I’ll also try to make you laugh along the way!

Thanks for reading our blogs by every type of mom…we may work, we may stay home, we may be work-at-home moms, but we all want the same thing and that’s to be the greatest version of ourselves for our kids.

-Colleen (the third)



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