Peace out 20’s ✌🏼

I guess it’s kind of normal to reminisce about the previous decade of your life when you enter a whole new one and that’s what I did last night while laying in bed! My 20’s…damn they were good!

•College fun with my sister & friends that I will never forget (except for the nights I can’t remember)

•Meeting my future hubby when I was a 21yr old baby

•Getting engaged & saying “I do”

•The birth of my furry daughter

•Having 2 sons I never wanted, but couldn’t live without

•Teaching dance to my wonderful students

•Online dating Colleen S. and starting a business we like to call Mama Said Tees

•Making countless memories with family & friends

Who would want to move on to a new decade? Well I’ll tell you who…Me! I honestly can’t say I’m sad to turn 30, with the exception of the grey hairs I’m finding and wrinkles that seem to be increasing by the day (and let’s not get started on that whole gravity thing taking over)! I often tell my husband that I wasted “my prime” on him (I tend to be just a LITTLE sarcastic and clearly sometimes mean to him) but the truth is with each year of life I’ve gained so much, like a hell of a lot more respect for my mother. We’re all so lucky to wake up each day and write new chapters of our stories and today especially, I’m not taking that for granted!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your kind birthday messages! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have so many wonderful people in my life and a part of my story! I’m hopeful for many more memories to reminisce on with all of you! ❤ And hubby, I’m sorry, but you’ll never be with a 20-something year old again…I hope you had fun! 😉

xo, Colleen

In the details:

Shirt: Mama Said Tees

Banner: Glambanners

Necklace: Brin & Bell

Glasses: Warby Parker

Bracelets: Pretty By JL

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