Move over Elf, there’s a new bunny in town! 

You guys, I get so super stoked when I hear about new business that I truly believe in and this is one of them! 

I was just taking down our Valentine’s Day decorations and I thought to myself, “well shit, what can I use to decorate now besides my St. Patrick’s Day banner?” From October through February our house is on holiday crack with decor and we LOVE IT, but I realized I hardly have any fun stuff for Easter. In fact we’ve barely celebrated Easter at all in the last 5yrs. Perhaps because my husband is always out of town for Easter…or maybe because we have lots of birthdays around that time of year, but WTF?! It’s time to get Easter back in our house! And it was like fate when an email came along yesterday about The Helper Hare! It’s a new family tradition for Easter and I just basically laid an Easter egg! 

It is brand spanking new through a Kickstarter campaign! (If you don’t know how those work, you pledge your payment and if the company meets their goal your payment will be processed and you will receive your items)! Well, let me tell you NOW is the time to buy! You can reserve your Helper Hare for $10 off by pledging now and then get it before Easter!!! I know how much my friends & family love Elf on the Shelf and Mensch on the Bench, but now it’s time to have a super EGGcellent Easter! I am clearly totally jacked for this! 

Follow this link to learn more & get yours!

You’re welcome! 🐰

Follow along with them to learn more: 



xo, Colleen

2 thoughts on “Move over Elf, there’s a new bunny in town! 

  1. I am totally digging your need to seasonally decorate…

    But, if I could come through the phone and strangle that damn bunny I would. The Elf on the Shelf is my nemesis, and I hate the tooth fairy!!! I swear someone made that shit up just to screw with parents.

    Which is why I know you are kidding, right???😳😬😜


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