Changing my attitude to gratitude

This week has been a tough one for me, I’ll get into more detail about that later, but I’ve been emotional, sad and playing the “what if” game. Let me tell you that game is the WORST! There are a million different what if’s and once you get started you will never stop, and you will never win. Anyways, I noticed on Facebook that Lent started today and people where talking about what they were giving up for 40 days. Some Facebook, some soda, some swearing (now why the fuck would you want to do that?!), etc…Well it got me thinking about what I could give up for 40 days to better myself. I couldn’t find anything that worthy of making me a better person because the obvious things like coffee & junk food would make me a horrible person. I guess this would have to wait. A little while after, I walked into my office to start working for the day, and our Kindness Key box caught my eye. I remembered that one of the items inside was a gratitude jar. Why was I selling this without even doing it myself? Well there it was. I was going to give up my attitude. I was going to give up taking things for granted and start gaining gratitude. Each day I am going to give attention to something that I am grateful for. I put in my first note today and already feel good about it! I’m hoping to get the family on board and let this continue as a family tradition in our house. Anyone want to try it “with me”? I’m so optimistic for what this will bring to us and hope it will do that same for you! I’ll check back in to let you know of my progress!

xo, Colleen

Gratitude _ Kindness and Cursing.JPG


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