Let me tell you somethin bout my best friends.

One of the most important things in life is to have good, honest, true friends. You could have 1 or 120, but as long as they’re genuine people who care for you then you are pretty damn lucky. And well, I’m the luckiest! I seriously have a group of friends that can’t be beat!

I used to be so “on my game” with life. I would send birthday cards (sometimes anniversary cards and even birthday cards for their dogs), drop what I was doing in a second to go grab a coffee (or better yet, a beer), and at the very least have presents wrapped before I gave them to people. I felt like I had plenty of time to do “on my game add ons” for my friends to show them how much I loved them. Well, then I had kids and started a business. Now I don’t want to use my kids or business as an excuse as to why I’m busy, because everyone is busy. Busy is relative. I believe that you make time for what is important to you, but sure enough the birthday cards haven’t been sent for a couple years, the coffee dates on a whim tend to be a bit more pre-planned, and I seriously just gave one of my BFFs a baby gift in a brown paper bag. (I mean what the fuck?! Sorry Katherine) But the thing I know is that they all understand and they all love me (most days I think) brown paper bag and all. They all know that time together, even if planned months in advance, is more important than a birthday card or the so called “on my game add ons”. All of our lives change daily, but what remains constant is our love for each other because I picked the best friends to be my friends.

So THANK YOU to my friends for being YOU! I’m sure you dread my group texts that start with, “Can you please do me a favor?” and I’m sure you’ll want to block me through May 7th as I remind you daily to vote for my business in our contest (which in case you forgot today girls, here is the link: http://thinkbig.hscampaigns.com/#entry-149), but I know you know I would do anything for you, except maybe wrap your baby gift. (Man, I don’t think I’ll ever let that go)!

Anyways, each and every one of you have impacted my life and I will forever be grateful for you. I’m sending you all a virtual cheers as I type this and sip on my beer reminiscing on all our fun! Until I cheers you and hug you all in person, remember you are one of a kind and I love you.

xo, me



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