A letter to my husband

Today on the morning of our 6th wedding anniversary I woke up looking fresh as a daisy, overlooking the ocean, eating breakfast in bed, sipping on a mimosa, listening to soothing sounds of the outdoors. Or maybe I was looking like I hadn’t showered in 3 days, overlooking a pile of laundry, eating a cocoa puff I found in the couch and pounding coffee to help ease my headache while listening to the sound of our dog barfing on the kitchen floor. 

Thinking back to our wedding day makes me smile. Switching our ceremony location last minute due to wind was a disaster of epic proportions, but I laugh today looking at those pictures with the hideous backdrop. My sparkly gorgeous wedding bands were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, now they grace my finger maybe once a week. 

Today I am reminded of our actual wedding day, but what I celebrate is our 6 years of marriage that followed. I celebrate the fact that not only do we love each other more today, but that we actually still like each other. “The honeymoon phase” is referenced often because it’s true. We don’t wake up in paradise everyday with smiles on our faces. Some days I wake up truly questioning how you are even remotely attracted to me thinking I should put in more effort. Some days I wake up & bite your head off because how you walked annoyed the shit out of me. Some days I wake up & start cooking a feast because you deserve it. 

Marriage is crazy. It’s a rollercoaster ride with anticipation for the ups, fear of the downs, twists & turns that boggle your mind, but ending up together. It’s swallowing your pride and realizing just how far “sorry” will go. It’s realizing that sometimes we take things out on the person we love most and asking ourselves why we don’t show as much appreciation. It’s being selfless for the sake of your family & making them smile because their happiness brings you happiness. It’s a battle of wills and seeing each other at your absolute worst & bringing out each other’s best. It’s having respect for the person you chose to spend your life with.

Well, I chose to spend my life with the absolute best! I didn’t have as many wrinkles & you had (just a little) more hair, but we started our life together and today I look back realizing I didn’t even know how much I would truly love you. We have a long way to go, and so much more to learn, but I love you babe. Thank you for being you. (And imagine all of this written on the card I bought you that’s still in the bag. Oh and this is your present too ok?) 


Photo by: Cassie Rosch Photography

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