If you want more kindness in the world…

put it there.

I was walking into a gas station not too long ago and as the door was closing behind me I saw a man walking towards the door. I stepped backwards and stopped the door from closing and held it open for him. You would have thought I paid off his mortgage with his reaction. He looked at me almost dumbfounded that a human could do something nice. He told me about 4 different times how kind that was and how in today’s world, you don’t see that very often. Let me reiterate, all I did was get the door for him. A seemingly mindless action, that took hardly a second of my day, somehow had a great impact on this man and it boggled my mind. At first it made me happy that my action could cause his great reaction, but then it made me a little sad that kindness is sometimes so rarely acted upon that it downright shocks people when it occurs. Well, I think it’s time to get a little more comfortable with kindness.

Now I’m not saying kindness comes easy, in fact sometimes its really hard. Sometimes being kind is keeping your mouth shut when your two cents really won’t help a situation, other times its being nice to someone who has wronged you. Sometimes kindness requires us to step outside of our own comfort zone and be brave when we want to shy away. Well, what do we do when we want to get better at something? We practice it. By practicing kindness we are working on a lifestyle. A lifestyle in which we look for opportunities for kindness in every day; an #everydaykind lifestyle.

This Saturday, February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and I’d like to countdown this week with a kindness challenge. Every day this week I will commit to performing at least one act of kindness a day. I will be posting about it on social media with hashtag #everydaykind and would LOVE for you to join me!

You can download your free #everydaykind cards HERE to help you along the way! Let’s practice living the best life we can by being proud of our actions and giving it our all!

Because kindness can change someone’s entire day!

Now go on with your kind self! I can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

xo, Colleen


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