Do we have a dinner plan?

When I was growing up my mom would have my father, sister and I plan our dinners for the week! She said she would grocery shop & cook, but we had to make the decisions! I didn’t like this task then and now as an adult completely understand why she did it! I absolutely DESPISE deciding on what is for dinner! And it’s not because I have a million other things on my plate (pun intended), because I believe you make time for what matters to you, it’s because on my long list of priorities, searching for & testing recipes is pretty close to the bottom! By the time I make a Pinterest board with a ton of recipes (that I will NEVER cook) I’ve mentally exhausted myself and order a pizza! It’s just not my thing. Food is a means to ending hunger for me. I love the most delicious sushi and seafood, but can equally enjoy $0.29 Ramen noodles or a bowl of cereal! And don’t even get me started on tackling the grocery store with children when you’re missing ONE item! NOT WORTH MY TIME! So when it came to the 5:00, “Do we have a dinner plan?” text from my husband I would get so stressed out! He didn’t care if I said we were having delivery every night, but it pained me to eat unhealthy meals every night simply because I could not make a decision! People suggested I try those meal kits, but I have to go to the store anyways for the rest of my groceries and I clearly have trust issues when it comes to someone else picking out my meat/produce so that just wasn’t gonna cut it!

Well everyone, I have the exact solution to my (maybe our) problem! What’s Cookin’? took the decision making out of dinner for me! They took the hardest thing off my plate, so I could start putting food on our plates! Their bundles include a grocery list with EVERYTHING you need sorted out for quick & easy shopping, a weekly print out of your meals and all your recipes! After one week I cooked things I’ve never imagined cooking before, ate WAY healthier, only went to the store one time and actually gained confidence in the kitchen! I felt like a freaking ROCKSTAR! The only problem was when my week was over and I went back to ordering delivery because my life seemingly now depended on it and if you’re like me, more than likely yours will too!

My quick week recap: I started off having to buy chicken thighs. I’ve never bought or cooked (or actually ever eaten) chicken thighs and immediately bought the wrong thing! Well, What’s Cookin’? to the rescue! They told me how to cook it regardless and adapt the recipe and it was DELICIOUS!

By the end of the week I was cooking harvest beets I bought at a farmers market (without being told to) and honestly felt like a beacon of health! I was one with Mother Earth and should have been on the cover of Organic Farm to Table Times! (I’m joking. I’ll follow that up by telling you I ate Ben & Jerrys afterwards, but you know I felt damn good for that brief moment)! I’ve never taken so much pride in my cooking and cannot wait to do more! Even after the longest work day, when I would normally jump at the chance to sit on the couch, I knew my recipe was waiting and I decided to cook instead! Having everything at my fingertips made me realize how easy the actual cooking part was which made it fun instead of dreadful! My husband probably thought an alien invaded my body and didn’t know what to do with all these home cooked, DELICIOUS meals! Such a game changer!

So cheers to What’s Cookin’? They launch TOMORROW and I THINK there might be a special promo! 😉 😉 😉 Sign up for their newsletter HERE so you don’t miss out! And while you’re impatiently waiting for then, check them out and follow along on Instagram and Facebook! You’re welcome in advance to your stress level & stomachs!



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