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Some thoughts on this #smallbusinesssaturday ❤️

Colleen & I started Mama Said Tees with high hopes paired with intentions of making this world just a little bit better for our children. As most of you know, just 5 days after we opened our company Colleen’s sister was murdered. She was killed in front of her parents and her two sons, in her parent’s home. In the blink of an eye our world flipped upside down; an entire family destroyed in one unthinkable act of violence. It’s truly too hard to even comprehend, which is why her family stays extra busy and focuses on the good to help them grieve the horrific bad. This moment ignited a fire in my heart & soul. Those things you see on the news actually happen, every day, all around us. Well, as things would have it, this moment in time gave Mama Said Tees a very big voice and we…

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#everydaykind in action!

Colleen & I started our company with the mission to change the world with love & kindness, and well, we just won’t stop until we do. We are so passionate that kindness can change someone’s entire day that we created our #everydaykind cards! A simple card to give to someone when you perform an act of kindness. The card encourages them to then continue to chain of kindness with someone else! I, CB, was spending the weekend in Indy and with our cards hot off the press we were ready to take them for a test drive! 😉 Let me tell you just how many opportunities presented themselves. It is truly amazing when you take a minute to pay attention to all your opportunities for kindness.

We started off in the Starbucks drive-thru, obviously because we needed caffeine! We decided to pay for the car behind us! Our barista was…

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