Living in a Frat House

Hey friends!  Been a long while since I’ve been on the blog.  I’ve got a treat for you today – my dear friend, fellow mama and High School English Teacher has written a post for us.  Please allow me to introduce, Jori Waldron.  Jori has taught high school English for the past twenty years.  She is the mother of Preston, 14, Cole, 11, and Keatley, 6 and remains happily married to her high school sweetheart, Sean.

Happy Reading!  Make a great week everyone! – Katie

With St. Patrick’s Day coming, I’ve been thinking about drinking and the antics that come along with overindulging, and it made me think about my boys.  My sons are currently 14 and 11, and they’ve yet to try beer, but when they were toddlers, I sometimes felt as though I was living in a fraternity house.  I could see glimpses of the carefree college students they may someday become based on their behavior at ages three through five. Here are some examples of what I witnessed:

  1. Pee occasionally makes it into the toilet but more often covers the floor and walls surrounding it.
  2. Bits of cereal can be found anywhere, from between sheets to inside an ear.
  3. Grunting will replace words when they become frustrated.
  4. They often have the munchies and crave snacks.
  5. Clothing is cumbersome and removed at will.  Naked time prevails.
  6. Noises are hilarious, especially those related to burping and farting.

My favorite memory, however, is my son walking through our room to use the bathroom late at night then leaving the door open so that we could watch as he peed and returned to his bedroom without so much as a word or acknowledgement that we were lying there watching tv.  

Boys, and I would like to be able to qualify that it’s young boys but since I teach high school, I know that would be a lie, can behave like animals.  My advice to you as parents is to try to laugh along with them as often as possible, continue to encourage more civilized behavior, and then hope that someday they have children who behave in a similarly juvenile fashion as payback.


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