Mama Said Tees

What is Mama Said Tees? Well, in its simplest form it is a kindness empire that my business bestie, Colleen, and I created. It is our big, giant, kind, loving baby that we birthed in July of 2014! We wanted to start a company that could change the world and wouldn’t stop until we made a difference. To say the last two and a half years have been a walk in the park is the understatement of the century, however knowing that what we are doing is making an impact on others, fills our hearts with so much passion we just can’t stop; we won’t stop.13698150_568820883290072_5422968972968916620_o

Just 5 days after we opened up shop, Colleen Stine’s sister was killed in an unthinkable act of domestic violence. I wouldn’t say I grew up wearing rose colored glasses, but this beyond devastating moment changed my view on life.  We NEEDED to change the world. We NEEDED to make a difference so our children could grow up in a kinder place. ENOUGH of all the hate. We NEEDED LOVE because love always wins. Within the blink of an eye our passion to change the world went into hyper drive.


Selling t-shirts about love & kindness was what we were doing, but what we were hoping is that these messages would strike up conversations. We hoped that in line at a grocery store someone would comment on one of our t-shirts or parents would ask their children what their shirt meant to them. The shirts were a starting point. The conversation came next. The reminder to be kind that lingered with people would follow. All these steps would hopefully make someone stop for a moment and remember to be kind when they were feeling not so nice. And boy were we right. So many people stood behind our mission immediately. They wrote us messages about how their shirt changed someone’s day. How our Instagram post helped someone get through a hard time. How our little ‘company that could’ felt like a family to them. Honored just doesn’t begin to describe how we felt. We needed to do more.


We created campaigns that will make you cry happy tears (Let’s Redefine Normal) and opened up dialogue for parents and their teens on bullying prevention (The T.H.I.N.K. Dare). We are a force to be reckoned with and have only just begun.

So you will see many mentions of Mama Said Tees on this blog because I am Mama Said Tees. Colleen & I eat, sleep & breathe Mama Said Tees…well we don’t actually eat them, but if we could we would because they would be the sweetest ever. We are two mamas, just like millions of others, who want our children to grow up in a kinder place and we have lit a fire under our own asses to make sure that happens! Follow along as we continue growing our kindness empire and join us as we put more kindness in the world! xoxo


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