Mom brain is a real MOTHER

I’m pretty sure that when I had my first child, my brain fell out of my V with her and no one in that hospital room bothered to pick it up. The forgetfulness that I experience on a daily basis is unlike any that I’ve ever seen. No wait, I have seen it. In my own mother. When I was a kid, I gave my mom the hardest time if she forgot anything. Today, I apologize to her and to my own kids, because this mama is a forgetful mama.

It’s amazing how fast it happens too. Walking from one room to the next, my thoughts are running a mile a minute and I am so easily distracted by everything around me, I feel like that dog in the movie “Up”. You know the one that is talking and suddenly stops – “Squirrel!” – well that’s me. I’ll be walking to the kitchen from the living because my three year-old will ask for a glass of water, “Say please”, “Pease!”, and off I go. I’ll notice the hair brush on the table on my way, I should put that away, I think, so I grab it and turn around and put it in the bathroom, which is in the opposite direction of the kitchen. Inside that bathroom, I will notice there is no toilet paper on the roll, so I’ll open the closet, grab a new roll and notice the mess of hair things on the shelf that is eye level to the five year-old (who is at school right now). Setting the roll of TP on the sink, I’ll straighten up the shelf, shut the closet door and walk out of the bathroom toward my bedroom because it’s the closest room to the bathroom. Here I will grab the cup and trash from my nightstand, pick up the baby doll from my bed and walk to the kitchen, toss the trash in the can and put the cup in the sink when I notice that breakfast dishes are still in the sink but remember upon opening the dishwasher, that it is still full from the day before – sigh – I set the baby doll on the counter and begin putting the clean dishes away. This is the moment my three year-old yells from the living room, “mommy, I firsty, tan I have water pease?” Oh yes, I think, I was getting you water! I cease putting away the dishes, but I have to close the dishwasher because one of my dogs will inevitably try to climb in it if left open. I get the water in the sippy cup, grab that same baby doll to toss in the kids room as I pass it on the way to the living room when my phone rings, from my bedroom. It is my husband calling, and I know this because I set a specific ringtone for him and because we work together from home, and it’s a Monday morning, he’s probably in need of information or an errand. Baby doll and water in hand, I rush to my room, answer the phone, “hey babe, what’s up?” And bring the water to my daughter as I talk with my hubby. Now, while I’m on the line with him, I make my way to my computer so we can talk work, and notice the incredible number of toys, scraps of paper, a shoe, a dog toy, and random parts to a game scattered throughout my home and know that when I ask my children a hundred times to pick them up while I’m making dinner, they will be playing with something else, in another room, saying, “Okay mom, one second while I finish this,”. You know that stuff’s not getting picked up don’t you? Still at my desk, the baby doll is now on the desk, I get some work done, write some things down and begin a new task for work. The three year-old comes in to the office wanting to play but I have to do a few things here, so I offer her a coloring book to sit with me while I work. She does this for a bit, we chat while mommy works and off she goes to find something else to do (I hear her wade through the toys on the floor of her playroom and remember that we need to pick that stuff up later too). The endless shit that is lying all over my house is never ending.

I check the time, we must leave to pick up the five year-old from school, but I have to use the bathroom before we go and if you guessed it, and this is a glimpse of your life too, you’ll remember that the toilet paper roll is empty, the new one is still on the counter, and I’m sitting there smiling and shaking my head because I forgot until I sat down…

Motherhood is wonderful and amazing and crazy. I hope you can find the humor in it as I do. As long as I remember to laugh…:)

Have a fabulous day!



5 thoughts on “Mom brain is a real MOTHER

  1. I was reading this and then forgot that I was wait what was I saying?? Story of my life. I am so forgetful that it is a wonder that any of my children get picked up from school or make it to dance practice on time.

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    1. Haha! I literally have to set a reminder on my phone for dance practice. 9 times out of 10, we are speeding to get the tights and leo on with just enough time to run out the door. Typically running into the classroom out of breath and saying “sorry!” 😉

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