How to throw your husband a surprise 40th birthday party!

Hubby turning 40? Mine too. Here are 7 steps to throwing a surprise party that he’ll actually want! 

1. Don’t listen to your husband! My hubs told me he would NEVER want a surprise birthday party. Ha! Lucky for him he has a wife that truly knows what’s best and does what she wants anyways!

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2. Don’t have a 40th birthday party! Who wouldn’t be super suspicious nearing their big 4-0? Not only did I throw him a 39.5 birthday party, but I threw it a month before his 1/2 birthday too (for sake of date availability, but we’ll pretend it was like a super-extra surprise)! This will addionally save you potentially from throwing a winter birthday party because winter birthdays fucking suck. (No offense, I have one too)

Invite from CocoStineDesigns

3. Get cool shirts for your guests! Because…duh! I do know some people that make shirts for a living #mamasaidtees 😉 but even if I didn’t it was a fun touch! They said “Vintage 1978” and were designed for sake of guests wearing them again. Also, get a nice quality shirt! Don’t waste your money on a cheap ass shirt with a silhouette of your husband’s face that nobody will use again. I love seeing our friends in their tees all the time now!

4. Have a fun activity! Anyone can sit around making small talk, but we created a field day to up the fun! Our games included giant beer pong (buy 12 big garbage cans + 2 volleyballs), giant Jenga, Bags, Ladder Golf, giant Yahtzee & Can Jam! We drew names to create the teams & created a tournament! This was the perfect way to keep everyone social, active & enjoying the day! *Note: When you create the tournament board, don’t forget to put your husband’s team on it. He sat questioning when his team was up, and about 1/2 way through we stopped saying, “soon” and realized he wasn’t even in the tournament! Whoops! 

5. Order out food & drinks! The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck cooking & serving so a keg, pig roast & shave ice truck were the perfect solution! Now, the thought of a pig roast sounded plain awful at first, but thankfully I have a foodie friend who was happy to come help cook & carve little Peppa Pig for the day and boy was it delicious & easy! The shave ice truck may be unnecessary, but I’m all about unnecessary fun! It made my 39.5yr old husband feel like a kid again! The keg was well, a keg & everyone helped themselves! We whipped up some sides & the food/drinks were easy peasy vodka lemonade squeezy! 

6. Create a good decoy! (& make him feel bad too)! This may seem mean, but man did it work! I had my friend’s husband invite my hubby to golf. He had a “gift certificate” he had to use. Wink wink nudge nudge. When my hubby asked me if he could go golfing I rolled my eyes & told him that when he got home he could take the kids for the rest of the day since he would be gone all morning! Sucker! I’ve never seen my husband more surprised in my life! 

7. Pat yourself on the back & enjoy because you are a badass wifey!

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