Making Valentines Day fun for the PROcrastinator in all of us!

I’m not sure why Valentines Day gets such a bad rap! Maybe because it’s so “commercial” and makes one feel that they need a significant other, but I believe that it is just a day to celebrate love, and I LOVE love! So let’s add a little last minute fun to your day to celebrate all the ones you love in your life, including YOURSELF!

1. Grab a bag of pretzels, Hershey kisses & m&ms (or whatever candy you want)! We will be making THESE pretzel kisses because they are quick, easy & delicious! Bag some up & deliver to your co-workers, teachers, friends to add some sweet to someone’s day!

2. Valentines! This year, we sent Valentines because let’s be honest, I didn’t get our Christmakkah cards done in time, but it’s the thought that counts right? If you’re too late for snail mail, send an email valentine! Why not? A fun way to make someone smile (or laugh)! View mine here or click on the image below! Happy Valentines Day! 😉

And for your kiddos download THESE sweet little valentines and print out for their classmates with sunglasses! We ordered ours from Amazon, but I saw cute kid sunglasses in the party favor area at Target!

3. FOOD! Food is always the way to my family’s heart! I stopped at the store to pick up heart shaped donuts for the morning and pizza fixings for my kids to make a heart pizza for dinner! Somehow making something in the shape of a heart makes it extra fun!

4. Cards! We love cards at our house! So buy or make a cute card and write reasons why you love your people! It’s never too often to remind someone why they’re important to you!

5. Time! Slice out some time in your day to spend with someone you love, especially if that someone is yourself! Say, “Hey you, thanks for spending life with me and making me complete! You’re rad!” Bubble bath, favorite book, binge watching Bravo tv…doesn’t matter what you do, but celebrate & treat yo’self!

4. Celebrate love with acts of kindness! Nothing says LOVE day like being kind for no reason other than making others happy! Download these FREE #everydaykind cards HERE!

Wishing you all the happiest Valentines Day! A day to simply love one another! ❤️ xoxo

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